Railway, Railyard and Railcar logistics and monitoring


Cargo location tracking is essential when shipping high value items.  Not only is it needed for logistics, but in the event of surprises, exact locations can be determined.

Bearing Temperature

Learn about impending failures before they happen.  High bearing temperatures can spell trouble if not tended to in a timely manner.

Car Impact

Railcar impacts can happen for a number of reasons, worn couplers, fast couple speed, track conditions or flat wheels.  Learn about how they are affecting your cargo.

Artificial Hot Bearing (AHB)

Specialized cargo requires specialized railcars.  An Artificial Hot Bearing can keep your cars in compliance with wayside detectors.


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Location and sensor monitoring let you know when bearings are too hot, hatches or doors are open and when your cargo is between yards.

Depending on the type of cargo, temperature, vibrations, impacts or age might be important.  The right type of sensor on the cargo helps to monitor when the things that are important to you change.

Knowing different aspects of your transport method can help capture items needed for maintenance records.  In some cases tank levels mean more than cargo temperature, but they both can be important to the transport vehicle.

Knowing where your assets are locations and how often they are used can help with visibility into their usefulness.  Maybe that set of trailers costs a lot to maintain, but rarely get used.